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Buying a Laptop Online is a Broken Experience

This is the story of why it took me 8 months to buy a new laptop. Along the way I learned to love my crappy old machine, because it was so god damn…

IoT Networks: SigFox vs. LoRa

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a growing paradigm that connects various devices or things – including sensors, software, electronics and other physical objects – in order to collect, exchange and process data….

6 Tricks To Win Every Hackathon

A hackathon is a great opportunity to meet people from your local community, talk about tech and learn cool stuff. The basic idea is to work on a project, have fun, and build…

4 Security Challenges Facing IoT Devices

When we talk about IoT, privacy and security come directly to the minds of the users. Yet for developers, this isn’t always an obvious issue. Most of the time we’re just trying to…

11 Tips For Engineering Students

Every year I try to write a blog post or a Facebook publication that is destined essentially for new Esprit students. And even though my experience is mainly from within Esprit itself, I usually get a lot of feedback from people in other engineering schools as well.

This year is quite different for me, as I’m leaving Esprit to continue my education, and this gives a lot of perspective. So what I will try to do this time is to recap the posts from the other years, update them and add the few things I’ve learned.

So here are some good tips to start a great year at Esprit:

5 Reasons Why Clickbaiting Is Killing You

I have received some criticism lately about the way I title my blog posts. And I got accused of clickbaiting the readers in order to get more views. But you have to understand…

Getting Started With STM32F429 Discovery

Just got started with the STM32F429I Discovery Board and setting up a first project was not an easy task. This tutorial will show you how to compile and upload a simple LED blinking…

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