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The Batman job offer !

From time to time I come across a job offer so EPIC that I have to share it with the world. The kind of once-in-a-lifetime opening that puts Superman to shame.

This offer was so beautiful that it was a crime not to share it. Unfortunately, the original post was in French (Again, no trouble for Batman), but for the rest of you I’ll provide an English translation.


So if you’re not fluent in French, here is a summery :

Experience : 0-2 years

Contract type : SIVP (temporary minimum wage contract)

Description :

“You maintain an active technology watch . You help make technical choices, hardware, hosting or software. You can manage maximum SEO and visibility and traffic acquisition. You write content and newsletters. You organize games and events around the platform. You write web applications.”

Must have :

” […] must have degree.
You must master perfectly these programming tools:
Pascale, JAVA, C, VB, Matlab, VHDL, CSS, SQL, HTML PHP, API, J2EE


You feel like up to the challenge?  Get yourself ready for a minimum wage job!

You can apply here [Link] !!

</sarcasm> (but the offer description is not)

PS: This offer was posted by a “recruiting expert” and “talent acquisition” agency.


  1. The beginning of the translation isn’t right. “Vous maintenez une veille technologique permanente” means that you maintain an active technology watch, not that you master an old technology.

    But besides that, this is still a really ridiculous job offer!

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