Every year I try to make a list of resolutions that I would like to see myself accomplish by the end of the year. Usually they’re reachable, simple and quantifiable objectives that I set for myself in order to find the motivation and will to accomplish things.

Last year I wrote a blog post about my 2015 resolutions, and they ended-up being 6 clear and reasonable things, that I didn’t accomplish.

And I think I know why.


Last year I tried to write my 2015 resolutions and share them with you. I ended up making a list of six items that I thought that I should accomplish by the end of 2015.

A task that I failed miserably. Not just failing one resolution, not 2 or 3 .. but all 6 of them. And after thinking about it, I’m not even sorry. And I’ll tell you why, but first, let us go through the list and see what happened:

– Learn Revel Framework (Go)


At the time I was really interested in go, and my gist is fill of little Go algos where I tried to test and compare its performance to PHP and C++. And I was really impressed!

However Go required a lot of things to change in the way I code and think and at the time I didn’t have access to VPS to showcase my work, so I ended up putting Go in a drawer for later. Because it was an over kill for most the apps I was building and PHP or Node.js worked just fine most of the time.

– ‘Open Social Network Project’


This project was an ambitious attempt to aggregate the different feeds from various communities around Tunisia. I wanted for this project to be a portal to your community news, events and announcements. More than that, I wanted this project to be led by the community where I would only intervene when needed.

Unfortunately, even though the project got a decent amount of initial traction and people shared, liked and starred the idea. Very few actually contributed and I found myself facing a choice of doing this on my own or abandoning the project. I ended up leaving the project and announcing that it was for grab because I saw no point in doing it myself.

I’m always amazed by the enormous number of developers in Tunisia that don’t even consider contributing to anything, ever.


– Write A Paper


This is actually in progress(maybe mid-2016). It took me a long time to get on track, and I discovered that research is not as easy as it might look.

– WordPress Theme


I didn’t do a WordPress theme because  simply I didn’t find any inspiration.

I tweaked several themes for different purposes and I made a 3 hours tutorial introducing WordPress theme development 101.

Instead I’m working on this WordPress “plugin” project, and I’m truly inspired by its potential even though it might be destined just for a very small number of users.

The moral here is:

Don’t force it, and work on what inspires you.

– Graduation Internship Project

resolutions phd

I miscalculated the time-frame for this one, and I’ll be starting my project around March 2016.


– ‘Smart fire fighter’ Project


This project is dead. And I killed it after working on it for around month for two reasons:

  1. I don’t know enough about hardware to make it the way it needs to be done.
  2. There is no local market for it.

Instead I learned a lot form the research I’ve done on this project. And saw the different challenges facing the consumer electronics industry.

Failed Resolutions : So what ?


In retrospect, I’m not even sorry to have failed 2015 resolutions.

And even if I didn’t reach those goals, the path there taught me a lot of new things and opened new doors.


I can’t wait for 2016 resolutions.